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The race to meet B2B customers' evolving expectations

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In Q3 2017, Behalf surveyed decision makers among its network of B2B payment acceptance partners to identify common goals and pain points. Two key themes emerged:
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    Online shopping has changed buyer behaviors, shifting the dynamic of the buyer-seller relationship. Business buyers, who previously leaned heavily toward relationship-oriented purchasing decisions, now evaluate their product and service choices online.
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    Online retail giants like Amazon have doubled down on their focus within the B2B segment, posing a significant threat to traditional wholesalers. Even the most established B2B players are feeling this pressure on their sales models and rushing to transform delivery channels to catch-up to their customers’ increasingly digital demands.
This paper explores the challenges facing B2B merchants in the digital marketplace era and offers an innovative technology solution.

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Behalf is more than just a convenient way to accept payment: Behalf is Terms On Demand.
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